Let The Size Of Your Commercial Space Dictate The Type Of Air Conditioning You Need

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Let The Size Of Your Commercial Space Dictate The Type Of Air Conditioning You Need

23 October 2015
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Air conditioning is just as important in commercial spaces as it is in domestic surroundings, probably even more. A well-regulated environment directly affects the productivity of your employees and the comfort of your clients. Although there are many factors to consider when choosing an AC unit, (such as temperature, insulation and number of occupants) space, too, plays a vital role. The size of your commercial space will directly influence the type of air conditioning unit you need. Read on to find out the ideal AC unit for your business space.

Single offices

If your commercial space is a single office, your cooling/heating needs do not have to be complicated. With such a contained space, you can condition your space using a single split air conditioner. This system consists of a single outdoor unit and a single indoor unit. The indoor unit is in most cases wall-mounted. A split system will provide the cooling you need and the ability to regulate the amount of cool air you want by using a remote. Reverse cycle split systems provide heating as well, a useful feature for winter months.

Small to large office blocks

If your commercial space consists of multiple offices, a single split system will not suffice. You need a system that can adequately serve all the offices. A multi-split unit is ideal for such settings. This system consists of one large outdoor unit and several indoor units. You can have an indoor unit in every office if need be. This will allow you to serve each office without straining your AC unit. A multi-split unit also allows you to control the amount of cool air supplied to each office independently.

Large open commercial space

Some business locations consist of large open spaces. These are common in warehouses, factories and open-plan office settings. Large open spaces are a bit difficult to air condition. This is because hot or cold air easily moves from one point to the other inside the room. Multi-split air conditioners and ducted systems, however, can solve this problem. With a multi-split unit, you simply need to identify the number of indoor units you need, and where to position them. With a ducted system, you can divide your room into several areas and install vents in each of these zones. Both systems also allow you to lower cooling in the least-used areas in order to reduce energy consumption.

Once you have decided on the system to install, talk to an air conditioning technician, such as those at Nilsair Pty Ltd, to find out the right size of unit for your space.