Reasons to Install Ducted Air Conditioning in a Home

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Reasons to Install Ducted Air Conditioning in a Home

11 January 2021
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Ducted air conditioning systems use a network of tubes, typically located within the crawl space under the roof, that leads to ceiling vents in the rooms below. Thus, you'll have one unit cooling the entire house by sending cold air through the ducts. These air conditioning systems offer several advantages.

Visually Discreet

The set-up of a ducted system is unobtrusive, and it won't interrupt your home's decor. The operating unit is stored inside the roof cavity or outside and is well out of sight. The only air conditioning evidence you'll see from inside is the discrete vents that allow the airflow.

On the other hand, split systems require bulky wall-mounted indoor components that take up room space. A single air conditioner will have an outdoor compressor/condenser unit and an indoor evaporator component. A multi-system will have several indoor units attached to one outdoor element. Regardless of which split-system you install, you'll have to deal with the chunky indoor section. Conversely, with a ducted system, the vents are flush with the ceiling or floor, rather than protruding.

Improves Air Distribution

With ceiling-located air vents, you'll create better air distribution within a room. The reason for this lies with the tendency of hot air to naturally rise and collect around the ceiling. If you blow cold air from a wall outlet near the floor, then the air in the room won't move around much as the cold air will hang around the floor. However, if you blow cold air from the ceiling, it will naturally drop to the floor as the hotter air rises to displace it. Consequently, the airflow distribution around the room will be freer, and the space overall will be more evenly cooled with ducted air conditioning that uses ceiling vents.

Cools the Entire Home

A ducted system can effectively cool the entire home, as the pipe network can be set up to travel to whatever rooms you want to cool. To include the whole house, the ductwork simply needs to connect all rooms. Other air conditioners, though, require more components to cover more places. For example, you have to laboriously install an added indoor part for every room you want to cool with a multi-split system rather than extend the ducts and install a ceiling vent. Typically, split systems cool sections of a home and not every single room in any case. For a large home, in particular, a ducted system will provide a more streamlined option.

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