Will It Be Better to Install Your A/C Retrofit Underfloor?

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Will It Be Better to Install Your A/C Retrofit Underfloor?

21 March 2022
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When people think about ducted air conditioning, they will normally picture a set-up that's installed above a ceiling, with an extensive ducting network connected to a central processor. Yet, that is by no means the only solution when it comes to ducted A/C, and there may be other options should your particular property be unsuitable. Have you considered an underfloor ducted air conditioning instead if you are looking for alternatives?

Assessing Suitability

Sometimes, a building is simply not suitable for conventional overhead A/C. Take the example of a home that may have been constructed with soaring, vaulted ceilings. Alternatively, think about an older home that may have popcorn ceilings that have been found to contain asbestos. This is far from unheard of, and a previous owner may have spent good money to seal the asbestos is in place. In this case, it would be difficult for a technician to retrofit the home with an over-ceiling A/C system, as they would have to disturb the asbestos with all that that would entail.

Underfloor Installation

Many homes have a space in between the floor and the slab. Sometimes this is used as a crawlspace or storage or somewhere to run utility wires. Introducing an underfloor ducted system here may be possible, and it could probably be connected with less hassle. Once such a system is installed, the vents would be placed at floor level around the baseboard, and the vent would reach up from underneath within the drywall cavity.

Cool air could then be pumped into the home efficiently, and the collection grids could be placed higher up that wall. As warm air automatically rises, this could make for an efficient airflow system.

Transforming Your Upstairs Space

While overhead systems are well designed and in place within homes across Australia, they do require quite a lot of ducting and, sometimes, extensive use of attic space. This may make it difficult or impossible to use the attic for other purposes, whereas if you placed the system underfloor, you might be able to renovate your attic space instead.

Looking at Your Options

So just because your home may not be suited to overhead, ducted A/C, it doesn't mean that you have fewer choices. Get in touch with your local air-conditioning installation expert and ask them for their opinion. They will have a look at your property and advise you about whether an underfloor system will work better for you.

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