Why Ducted Air Conditioning Can Be the Right Choice for Your Home

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Why Ducted Air Conditioning Can Be the Right Choice for Your Home

26 October 2015
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When installing an air conditioning system for your home, you might be thinking of a simple window unit for the bedroom or living room, or may have heard about split system units which vent directly out your home rather than being connected to ductwork. While all systems have their advantages, you may want to consider a ducted system. This may be a larger investment at the outset, but this system offers many advantages over all others. Note the following so you can determine if the system is right for your home.

1. Complete cooling and humidity control

A ducted air conditioning system offers complete cooling of your home as opposed to a window unit or split system unit, which are meant to cool only a small area at a time. Having your entire home cooled at once can be more comfortable, but note that it can also mean not allowing moisture and humidity to build up. If your home gets very warm in any area of the house, this can mean moisture and humidity clinging to the walls and ceiling. In turn, your home may be more prone to mold and mildew, and the building materials may get damaged from water exposure. 

2. Connectivity and control

Many homeowners today are connecting their home's security features and utilities to their smart phones or tablets through various apps. This allows them to monitor and also control these systems when on the road or elsewhere. If you use a ducted system air conditioner, you can typically connect the thermostat or other controls to your smartphone or tablet; this allows you to turn on or adjust the settings before you leave the office, so your home is nice and cool when you arrive.

You can also ensure that the system is not running when the home is empty. You may even want to turn the system on and off while traveling so the house seems occupied. You typically do not have this type of connectivity and control with window units or split system units.

3. Aesthetics and noise

You want your air conditioner to make your home more comfortable when it comes to the temperature, but a loud unit that takes up half a window or that juts out of a wall or the ceiling may detract from your comfort. A ducted system is quiet and runs through unobtrusive vents that are more aesthetically pleasing than other units.

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