Noisy Air Conditioning Repairs

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Noisy Air Conditioning Repairs

15 January 2016
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An air conditioner is composed of many parts which work together to produce the heating or cooling that is desired. Over time, the operation of the unit may produce loud noises. Ideally, the unit is supposed to operate quietly and should not cause disturbance. There are various causes for these noises. Sometimes the unit may have reached the end of its lifecycle and needs to be replaced. Other times, a component may not be working properly and air conditioning repair will suffice. Knowing the causes and common repairs can come in handy.

Noisy Fans

The air conditioner fan is supposed to be clean and in good condition for it to operate quietly. If the fan rattles or hums harshly, it may need to be cleaned or tightened. Opening the unit and locating the fan can help identify the root cause of the problem. There could be some debris such as from worn out insulation that has fallen into the fan area. As the fan moves, the debris is blown around the cabinet thus producing the noise. This debris should be removed. If there is no debris, the blade could be loose and it needs to be tightened. The straightness of the blade should also be checked as a bent blade can cause noise through scraping the side of the unit. A bent blade should be straightened gently to avoid causing more damage.


The moving parts of the air conditioner may be lacking enough lubrication. This would produce grinding noises when the unit is in operation. Manufacturer-approved lubricants should be used on the unit regularly. For instance, lubricant can be applied on the motor at the start of every summer.

Loose Screws

The operation of the air conditioning unit often leads to vibration. When this goes on for a long time, the screws in the unit may get loose. This leads to rattling noises when the unit is working. Loose screws can easily be tightened to prevent the additional noise. The constant vibrations may also damage the screws, in which case they should be replaced.

Leaking Freon

Freon is the cooling fluid that makes the air conditioner operational. If it leaks into the system, a hissing noise may be produced. The spread of this fluid could cause more damage to your unit and, thus, should be fixed immediately. However, similar hissing sounds could emanate from loose ducts as well. If you are in doubt as to the cause of the problem, calling in for professional help is advisable.