Commercial Central Heating: Simple Guidelines on Promoting Energy Efficiency

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Commercial Central Heating: Simple Guidelines on Promoting Energy Efficiency

25 May 2016
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If you are thinking of upgrading the forced air heating system in your commercial building, it is important to think about improving energy efficiency. Basically, the forced air system works by heating outside air using electrical, gas or even solar energy. It is an advantageous choice because it uses the normal AC ductwork for heat distribution. Unfortunately, air heating often requires high energy which increases the total business expenses. You can reduce your long-term expenses by upholding practices that lower your heating energy demands. Here are some simple guidelines to get you started.

Install Energy Recovery Ventilator

The energy recovery ventilator can be a useful tool in reducing heating energy costs. This is a specially-designed mechanical device which is fabricated to harness energy from the waste heat produced by your operations. The common sources of this waste heat include commercial refrigerators, chilling units, the ventilation system and water boilers. The ventilator will collect the heat and use it to warm the air flowing in from the outside. This pre-warmed air will not require much more heating by the heater appliance before it can be released into the interior space. In simple terms, this new device will reduce the heater load and promote energy saving in the long run.

Purchase Fans

The accessories incorporated into the central heating system can affect energy efficiency and subsequently, the costs. You should consider adding some standard fans in your business premises to promote better heating distribution. Basically, heated air from the ducts is light, so it tends to rise to the ceiling while cold air has higher density, so it settles closer to the floor. This stratification will result in insufficient space warmth even if the heating system is operating at the high levels. When you install fans, their movement will break this strata and mix air for more uniform room temperature.

Seal up the Building

You should improve the insulation in your business space to mitigate potential heat losses. Normally, every commercial structure is insulated according to national building codes. However, the minimum expected standards do not prevent heat from breaching the weak areas. Therefore, reinforce your building's performance by upgrading your wall insulation and installing weather stripping in door and window frames. You should also test the HVAC ducts for air leaks and seal the weaknesses as necessary.

If you have a low-quality central heating appliance, your energy losses will still be significant. Therefore, consider replacing your old system with a modern alternative with good energy ratings for better efficiency.