Commercial Cool Rooms: Practical Tips for Controlling the Ambient Temperature

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Commercial Cool Rooms: Practical Tips for Controlling the Ambient Temperature

2 April 2018
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Commercial cool rooms should remain at the desired temperature at all times to prevent the spoilage of goods or the overheating of equipment. Under ideal circumstances, keeping your room cool would involve installing an appropriate air conditioner and setting the recommended temperature. However, in reality, this simple process will not keep the entire room uniformly cool. Common issues such as vent obstructions, room layout and general practices can cause ambient temperature problems. Here are some simple tips to help you promote even cooling in your commercial cool room.

Compare Set and Ambient Temperature

You should monitor the ambient temperature in your cool room independently to ensure that the goods in the space are not exposed to high heat. Often, people assume that the temperature set using the HVAC controls in the cool room will dictate the temperature in the entire space. However, this is not the case. The AC thermostat will only take the immediate space around the air handlers and vents into account. The actual temperature in other areas might be significantly higher. Therefore, it is important to take independent measurements using a thermometer. If there is a difference between your set and the ambient temperature, you can proceed to making some adjustments in the cool room.

Create an Efficient Cool Room Layout

In most cases, uneven cooling in commercial cool rooms can be attributed to poor airflow. In simple terms, if the cooled air from the HVAC system cannot reach all parts of the space, there will be some warm spots. Fortunately, you can prevent the detriments of uneven cooling by changing the layout of your cool room. If you can remove the obstruction and promote natural flow of air around the room, you will achieve uniformity in ambient temperature. Ideally, you should install multiple racks for the placement of your goods. Also, you should ensure that the items and racks are arranged in a way that allows circulation of air. They should not block the vents or lean against the wall, and there should be some space between the racks and individual goods.

Install Additional Cooling Equipment

If there are warm spots in your cool room after the reorganisation of the space, you should consider complementing the HVAC system in your facility. The persistence of the problem implies that your cooling equipment is not powerful enough for your room. You can have your HVAC contractor install a new cooling setup for the room. However, you can resolve most problems by using portable air conditioners for spot cooling.