Finding The Best Place For Your Air Conditioner

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Finding The Best Place For Your Air Conditioner

16 May 2019
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Air conditioners make a home more comfortable and inviting. But to get the most enjoyment, you need to position them in the best place.

Select The Destination Rooms For The Units

Consider first which rooms to place the units in. If you work from a home office, you might benefit most from the comfort provided during business hours, so the study might be an ideal location. As well, you might rate a cool bedroom as high on your priorities to enable a peaceful night's sleep. Particularly if you're installing just one unit, you need to consider carefully where you will reap the most benefit.

Choose The Prime Position Within A Room

Once you've chosen the destination rooms, you need to position the air conditioners efficiently within the room. Their placement should be central, not in a corner or nook, to ensure the most balanced airflow throughout. In a bedroom, above the bed might be the best spot. Whereas, in an office or lounge room, you might want to position the unit so you can direct the airflow towards you as you work or relax. Also, it makes sense to place it where you will feel the effects as quickly as possible. You probably don't want to wait until the whole room is comfortable until you feel relief.

Warmer air naturally rises, and cooler air sinks. So to cool a room more evenly, you should place the air conditioner as high as possible; this will release the cold air close to the ceiling. That air will then sink downwards to ground level, and this movement mixes the air mass within the area. If you place the air conditioner too low, it won't displace the warmer air at ceiling level so the room will cool unevenly. Combining an air conditioner with a fan, however, can help to circulate the air more consistently. 

A room's structure and architecture can also affect how efficiently an air conditioner works. In a split-level living area (as cold air drops and hot air rises), the cooler air can tend to pool in the lower level, which you can use to your advantage. Or else, in a room with a descending stairwell, the cold air could just disappear as it travels straight down the stairs without cooling the room. One important tip when undergoing air conditioning installation is to make sure not to install the unit directly above electrical outlets just in case it develops a leak at some point, as this could prove hazardous.

Learn more about AC placement by reaching out to an air conditioning installation technician.