Why a Split System Air Conditioner Is a Good Choice for Your Apartment

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Why a Split System Air Conditioner Is a Good Choice for Your Apartment

7 April 2021
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Apartment living comes with a few limitations, and one of them is that you can only modify your space to the extent that the owner allows. Therefore, when buying an air conditioning unit, you need to assess the type of system and whether it would make sense in an apartment. As you look around for the best unit, you should consider a split system AC which features an outdoor unit and an indoor air handler. Below are some great reasons why a split AC is an excellent choice for an apartment.

Split ACs Have No Ductwork

When choosing an AC unit for your apartment, it's crucial to go with a choice that has the least work. Ducted systems are complex to install, and they are highly invasive. Split systems are a great choice for apartment living as they feature no ductwork. The outdoor unit is installed outside your apartment while the indoor handlers are installed inside the house. The only drilling needed is to create a three-inch hole to connect the indoor and outdoor unit. It is simple to install but equally as effective as ducted systems.

Split Systems Are Flexible

Split systems are incredibly flexible and easy to use. If you want to cool one room, you can invest in one air handler. If you need to cool multiple rooms, you can get two or three indoor air handlers. Modern split ACs come with incredible features such as smart thermostats for convenience. With multiple handlers, you can even create air zones depending on the cooling needs of the various rooms. Split systems also have a reverse technology which allows you to use them for heating as well.

Split ACs Promote Comfort and Convenience

When living in an apartment, the last thing you need is to disturb your neighbours with a noisy air conditioner. Luckily, you don't have to worry about this. Unlike window units, split systems have quiet operations. Both the indoor and outdoor unit are easily unnoticeable, and this increases the level of comfort and convenience. What's more, you can also install an air handler in rooms such as the bedroom without worrying about the annoying buzzing noise produced by window units.

Split Systems are Affordable

If you're trying to save money on cooling, investing in a split AC is an excellent idea. These units are affordable and efficient. The simple installation processes also further lower the overall cost of the unit. With no ductwork, they are easy to maintain. All you need is to clean the outdoor and indoor units and change the filters regularly. If you wish to relocate, you can take your AC to your new home as well!

Split air conditioners are a practical and efficient choice for apartment living. Find an AC unit and hire Aircon installation services.