5 Reasons to Stick With Gas Heating

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5 Reasons to Stick With Gas Heating

27 May 2021
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If you need to replace your gas furnace, you might wonder whether you should switch to using an electric heating system instead. Although electric heating systems might seem more modern, they actually have several disadvantages compared to gas heating systems. Here are five reasons why you should stick with gas heating.

1. Affordability

Although gas furnaces can be expensive to purchase and install, they usually pay for themselves through their low running costs. Gas furnaces are extremely efficient, as they use the heat created by burning gas directly to provide ambient heat in the home or to heat water for bathing or cleaning. In contrast, electrical heating systems must use electricity generated in a power station to produce heat inside an electrical element which then transfers to the water or air.

2. Warmth

Few electric heating systems are able to compete with gas heating when it comes to their ability to heat up a home quickly. If you value the ability to come home from work early, turn on the heating system, and soon relax in a cosy and warm home, then you should opt for gas heating.

3. Durability

Modern gas furnaces are hard to beat in terms of their durability. With regularly servicing and maintenance, gas furnaces can provide at least a decade of useful service. To maximise the lifespan of your gas heating system, be sure to schedule regular service checks so that any issues can be identified right away and fixed before they turn into serious problems.

4. Environmental Responsibility

You might be surprised to learn that gas heating can be an environmentally responsible choice. While it is true that gas is a fossil fuel that produces carbon dioxide when it burns, it is a much cleaner fossil fuel than coal or oil, which many regions still use to generate a significant fraction of their electricity. Gas heating is also highly efficient, which means that very little energy is wasted.

5. Self-Sufficiency

Using gas heating makes your home less vulnerable to power outages. If the local electrical network experiences a problem and the power supply to your home fails, it is very likely that your gas supply will continue as normal. You can therefore continue to use your heating system while engineers fix the problem with the power network. If you live in an area that is prone to blackouts, this feature might be one that you value a lot.