3 Clear Indications It's Time to Repair Your Ducted AC

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3 Clear Indications It's Time to Repair Your Ducted AC

28 July 2021
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Even with proper maintenance, your air conditioner might still develop mechanical issues. This is particularly true for older systems. While you can handle some of the issues yourself, most air conditioning problems require professional examination and repairs. For example, an AC compressor failure is a problem that only a certified HVAC contractor can handle. That's because the compressor contains many intricate components that help in cooling the air.

In addition, repairing faulty components requires special skills and tools. Understanding the signs of a damaged AC is crucial as it helps you take the necessary steps before the issue escalates into a severe problem. This article looks at three signs indicating a need for ducted AC repairs. 

1. The Compressor Takes Time or Does Not Turn On

When the compressor fails to turn on when the system is running, there is a problem that needs professional examination. Compressor issues often result in insufficient cooling in the house. However, you should first check the working condition of the fan since malfunctions in the fans also affect cooling. If nothing seems wrong with the fans, inspect the condensing unit to see whether the compressor is running. Anything unusual in the operations of the compressor calls for the immediate attention of an experienced HVAC contractor.

Timely repairs can save the life of your compressor. Therefore, schedule AC repairs as soon as your compressor fails. But, turn off the unit as you wait for the contractor. By doing this, you will avoid escalating the problem and damaging other components.

2. The Circuit Breaker Keeps on Tripping When Your Air Conditioner Is Running

If your circuit breaker keeps on tripping when you turn on the air conditioner, something is crucially wrong. Though many things can cause this problem, an overheating compressor is a primary culprit. When the compressor overheats, it will consume more power, causing the circuit breaker to trip. This issue will keep on recurring if you do not repair the compressor. Because of that, it is important to hire an HVAC contractor when you detect this problem. They will inspect the compressor and repair it accordingly.

3. The Condenser Makes Strange Sounds

Any strange sounds coming from the condenser is not a good sign. For example, the issue might be arising from failing components, or the fan motor might have moved out of place and into the condenser unit. For proper diagnosis and repairs, hire a reputable AC technician right away.

If your ducted cooling unit develops any of the problems above, don't attempt to fix them on your own. Instead, hire a local HVAC professional to inspect and repair or replace the faulty components on your ducted air conditioning system.