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Hello, I am Heidi, and this is my blog devoted to HVAC issues, repair, troubleshooting, maintenance tips and more. Before you dive into my posts, let me introduce myself. I am a mum of three kids and married to an amazing husband. I used to work in the HVAC industry, but now I spend most of my time working as an editor from my house. I needed something that offered the flexibility of staying at home with my little ones, but I miss the hands-on nature of HVAC work. In this blog, I plan to post on a variety of HVAC related topics. If you have questions or concerns, I hope these posts help you.

Heater Installation – The Different Systems You Could Choose For Your Residence

8 September 2018
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Updating your home's heating system may seem like an expensive and time-consuming endeavour. However, if you are to look at the long-term benefits, it is the best course of action for your household. An old heating system can quickly become vulnerable to malfunction, which means erratic heating for your home. Furthermore, old heaters are also not as energy efficient as their newer counterparts are, and this inadvertently translates into high energy bills for your home too. Read More …

Commercial AC Replacement: Practical Tips for Avoiding Common Mistakes

4 June 2018
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If your commercial air conditioner is old and no longer working efficiently, you might need to plan for the replacement of the appliance. In general, installing a new AC unit will improve the climate control options in your workplace. Consequently, the employees and customers will enjoy a more comfortable environment. In addition, new AC units are normally more efficient in operation. Therefore, the cost of cooling your space will be lower. Read More …

Commercial Cool Rooms: Practical Tips for Controlling the Ambient Temperature

2 April 2018
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Commercial cool rooms should remain at the desired temperature at all times to prevent the spoilage of goods or the overheating of equipment. Under ideal circumstances, keeping your room cool would involve installing an appropriate air conditioner and setting the recommended temperature. However, in reality, this simple process will not keep the entire room uniformly cool. Common issues such as vent obstructions, room layout and general practices can cause ambient temperature problems. Read More …

The four common indicators of a failing AC compressor

12 February 2018
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Your ducted air conditioning's compressor plays a crucial role in ensuring the house remains at your ideal temperature. Proper maintenance checks are good for the unit, especially because in most homes, it is located outside the house. However, even with excellent maintenance, the unit will eventually fail and need replacement. Below are a few of the signs which normally indicate that an outdoor AC unit is not functioning properly. When the circuit breaker keeps tripping Read More …