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Hello, I am Heidi, and this is my blog devoted to HVAC issues, repair, troubleshooting, maintenance tips and more. Before you dive into my posts, let me introduce myself. I am a mum of three kids and married to an amazing husband. I used to work in the HVAC industry, but now I spend most of my time working as an editor from my house. I needed something that offered the flexibility of staying at home with my little ones, but I miss the hands-on nature of HVAC work. In this blog, I plan to post on a variety of HVAC related topics. If you have questions or concerns, I hope these posts help you.

Problems You May Encounter With Your Ducted Air Conditioning System

10 December 2015
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If you have a ducted air conditioning system, chances are you do not give a second thought to its functioning until a problem crops up. It should be noted, though, that major air-conditioning problems typically do not start off so severe. Typically, improper maintenance and ignoring the signs are what aggravate the problem. This is especially true during the summer months when you air conditioning system is working harder to keep your residence comfortable. Read More …

Tips on keeping your restaurant’s kitchen in pristine condition

5 November 2015
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One of the hardest parts of a restaurant to get right is the constant maintenance and cleaning of the kitchen. It is also one of the most important aspects of your business as the health and safety inspector can arrive and close down the restaurant if it is in poor condition. You also want to ensure that all food that is prepared in the kitchen is of as top quality as possible, something which will be more likely if the kitchen is kept in proper condition. Read More …

Does Your Central Air Conditioning Unit Need Repair?

26 October 2015
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Your home's central air conditioner unit may tell you that it needs repair simply by no longer working, but signs of needed work are not always this obvious. You might also be able to make some simple repairs yourself if you understand common problems for an air conditioner to stop working as it should. In other cases, you may want to know what to say to a repair person about what you've managed to troubleshoot on your own. Read More …

Why Ducted Air Conditioning Can Be the Right Choice for Your Home

26 October 2015
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When installing an air conditioning system for your home, you might be thinking of a simple window unit for the bedroom or living room, or may have heard about split system units which vent directly out your home rather than being connected to ductwork. While all systems have their advantages, you may want to consider a ducted system. This may be a larger investment at the outset, but this system offers many advantages over all others. Read More …

Let The Size Of Your Commercial Space Dictate The Type Of Air Conditioning You Need

23 October 2015
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Air conditioning is just as important in commercial spaces as it is in domestic surroundings, probably even more. A well-regulated environment directly affects the productivity of your employees and the comfort of your clients. Although there are many factors to consider when choosing an AC unit, (such as temperature, insulation and number of occupants) space, too, plays a vital role. The size of your commercial space will directly influence the type of air conditioning unit you need. Read More …